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Weather Cameras


Protect Critical Infrastructure

Earth Networks cameras take weather monitoring capabilities to a new level. These cameras provide superior video and live images that make it possible for owners and operators to monitor critical assets and enhance visibility of the community infrastructure during weather events or throughout day-to-day operations.

Increase Visibility

Add an HD camera to your Earth Networks weather station and get a bird's eye view of your area for improved daily operations.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) HD Camera

HD Weather CameraThe ultimate in monitoring solutions, the PTZ high-definition motion camera combined with an intuitive web-based camera control interface provides a bird’s eye view to monitor live weather events and daily operations. Key features:

  • Capture images and record video
  • HD resolution / 16x9 aspect ratio images
  • Endless 360-degree high-speed panning
  • Extreme zoom with 10x optical HD lens
  • 210 degree tilt angle

HD Weather Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) HD CameraThe HD Weather Camera delivers exceedingly clear, high definition images of storms and systems as they move through the local area - in full 16:9 aspect ratio.

Data is sent directly from the camera over normal high-speed Internet lines (images are sent via FTP and video can be sent via MotionJPEG). HD Cam is Ethernet ready and requires no special dedicated computer equipment. The WeatherBug HD Cam operates from -40°F to +120°F, eliminating any concerns about placing a weather camera in direct contact with severe weather.