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Meteorological Services


Know Before™ With the Industry’s Most Up-to-Date Weather Team

Earth Networks - WeatherBug Meteorological Services provide assistance to organizations that need guidance from trusted experts in the weather field. Our 24/7 team of veteran meteorologists provides customized real-time weather consulting to help your organization make better weather-related operational decisions and assist in protecting lives and property.

Our team of meteorologists taps into the most advanced weather visualization tools, the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network -- the largest of its kind in the world -- and an exclusive neighborhood-level network of more than 10,000 WeatherBug weather stations. Additionally, proprietary technologies that combine the world's most accurate models with advanced algorithms make it possible for Earth Networks - WeatherBug meteorologists to anticipate severe weather, heat waves, cold blasts and flooding beyond the range covered by traditional weather models.

Meteorological Services

Pinpoint Hourly Forecasts and Nowcasts
Our in-house forecast system infuses real-time, neighborhood-level weather and lightning observations into high-resolution global models, allowing our meteorologists to provide accurate hourly forecasts and nowcasts.

Premium Tropical and Seasonal Forecasts
Earth Networks - WeatherBug meteorologists can provide you with earlier warnings of potential tropical storm and hurricane development and detailed seasonal outlooks.

Event Forecasts and Advanced Warning
Our meteorologists analyze the latest model data, real-time neighborhood-level observations and lightning to develop a forecast specific to the location of your event and effectively communicate the likelihood of different scenarios.

24/7 Meteorological Support
From state fairs to sporting events, Earth Networks - WeatherBug meteorologists are available 24/7 for real-time weather consulting customized to your event.

Detailed Storm Briefings
Our meteorologists provide detailed and comprehensive briefings before, during and after the storm.

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