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A Network of Weather & Climate Networks For Precise, Hyper-local, Live Intelligence

Earth Networks provides sophisticated infrastructures and systems for the deployment, integration and operation of mesoscale weather and environmental monitoring networks. A mesonet is a network of automated weather stations designed to observe meteorological phenomena within scales ranging from a few to several hundred kilometers.

Multiple environmental sensing networks and data sources are synchronized in real-time to establish a ‘network of networks’ that serves a variety of applications and end-user needs.

Across industries and public safety organizations, Earth Networks Mesonet Solutions are used to provide critical hyper-local intelligence to observe, inform and alert:

  • Advanced Dangerous Storm Alerts
  • Visualization and Decision-Support Tools
  • Current and Historical information
  • Data APIs for Integration with Existing Systems
  • Mobile Access and Web Services
  • Complete Customized and Localized Applications


Mesonet Infrastructure

Our mesonet solutions are customized to meet the data quality and security needs of our customers. Earth Networks performs multiple quality control checks on weather data flowing through the mesonet and prior to transmission to applications and databases. The mesonet solution is offered in a variety of business models for optimal data control, reduced TCO and time to market.

Earth Networks employs a 3-phased approach to deliver a custom mesonet solution for each set of requirements:

  • Planning and Analysis: Review of data requirements and current environment; layout design and hardware recommendations; ongoing maintenance and operations plans. Our solution is sensor-agnostic.
  • Deployment: Hardware installation and sensor calibrations performed; data quality assurance process implemented
  • Maintenance and Support: Continual data quality monitoring, gap filling data and 24x7 technical support

Collaboration with NOAA on U.S. National Mesonet Program

Earth Networks has long been a thought-leader and active implementer of the foundational building blocks for a true nationwide “network of networks” that observes and collects environmental data both above and below the earth’s surface. Since 2001, Earth Networks has been working collaboratively with the US National Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on the National Mesonet Program to develop and apply data from high density observing networks.

Earth Networks was selected by NOAA to build upon these efforts by aggregating atmospheric and subsurface observations as well as comprehensive network associated metadata from other non-Federal mesonets located throughout the country. This highly qualified team of National Mesonet Coalition (NMC) partners includes active participants throughout the country in state, local, academic and private sector organizations. In this manner, high quality data is collected, validated and utilized to augment gaps in the nation’s synoptic scale observing system.

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StreamerRT visualization tool shows lightning data from the Total Lightning Network along with advanced thunderstorm alert polygons and storm tracks