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GHG Network


Intelligence Through Networked Measurement and Reporting

Just as Earth Networks and our WeatherBug brand are meeting the demand for real-time local weather information, we are now fulfilling the need for precise greenhouse gas data by deploying a network of GHG monitoring instruments on a large scale.

These instruments provide key data that can help explain the science behind carbon emissions and environmental patterns. The data has the potential to do the following:

  • Create the first-ever baseline measurement of critical environmental factors.
  • Provide measurement, reporting and verification needed by the scientific community.
  • Help governments and other organizations to stay informed on current environmental observations.
  • Educate the public about greenhouse gas emission levels.

Earth Networks will use a top-down approach to accurately measure atmospheric greenhouse gases. In addition, the company will utilize a measurement technique called “inverse modeling” that will make it possible to trace atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions back to their source. This will strengthen understanding of environmental patterns, their causes and their effects.

To develop its Greenhouse Gas Network, Earth Networks is collaborating with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the world’s preeminent climate and environmental science institution. While Earth Networks will provide the networking expertise needed to collect a comprehensive data set, Scripps scientists will spearhead network design, instrument selection and placement and data quality control.

The information collected via the network will provide the scientific community and general public valuable, actionable information they can use regarding environmental issues and climate science. 

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