Boundary Layer Network

Continuous Data for Improved Forecasts at Local Scales

The Earth Networks Boundary Layer Network (ENBLN) is the first monitoring network for the continuous collection of data within the planetary boundary layer, the atmosphere's most turbulent layer, and up to around 30,000 feet. Earth Networks is partnering with Boulder, Colorado-based Radiometrics Corporation to deploy the initial network of 10 thermodynamic profiling radiometers in California. The ENBLN is expected to grow quickly to 100 or more instruments across the United States providing round-the-clock profiles of temperature, humidity and liquid.

Earth Networks will combine observations from the ENBLN with information from its global weather network of more than 10,000 weather stations to support the growing data requirements for improved forecasts at local scales, such as those desired by the renewables, utilities, aviation, air quality and water management industries. Improved monitoring of critical stability parameters will provide insight into the initiation of convective storms, one of the priorities of the U.S. National Weather Service, and enhance severe weather warnings.

Industry Solutions
agriculture solutions
Daily operational decisions such as analyzing crop rotations, planting or deciding when to harvest, depend on having accurate and timely weather information.