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State, county and local emergency management professionals must prepare for, respond to, and recover from events ranging from severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, extreme heat, floods, storm surge and other forms of extreme weather. Hyper-local weather data, total lightning observations and real-time alerts:

  • Inform and update emergency management and response teams.
  • Create a “big picture” outlook of changing conditions for coordinated response planning
  • Provide insight into specific weather parameters -- such rainfall rates, dew point, wind speed and direction, and temperature -- depending on the hazard scenario.



Emergency operations centers rely on weather monitoring and lightning alerting solutions from Earth Networks - WeatherBug
  • Live weather data for a shared operating picture essential for planning and execution.
  • Real-time weather visualization on storm movement across states and counties.
  • Severe weather alerts to enhance operations and aid in emergency response and contingency planning.
Earth Networks - WeatherBug provides weather and lightning monitoring and alerting for emergency responders to support EMS operations.
  • Precise, hyper-local, real-time weather monitoring.
  • Advanced lightning and severe weather notification to ensure responder and public safety.
  • Local weather camera views for monitoring and planning.
Earth Networks - WeatherBug provides weather tracking and weather alerting technology and tools for state and local government officials
  • Real-time weather visualization on storm movement for planning.
  • Detailed, site-specific information about impending storms.
  • Professional meteorologist support during events.
  • Advanced warning of lightning and severe weather to ensure public safety.
  • Prompt alerts during severe weather events