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To help keep students safe from lightning and severe weather, schools, school districts and communities turn to WeatherBug for real-time weather and alerting. Our WeatherBug Schools Program combines professional-grade weather stations, lightning sensors, and high-definition cameras at K-12 schools and universities to provide lightning and severe weather warnings. Schools in the program also enjoy strengthened STEM-based education initiatives, additional community exposure and resources.

Data collected by our lightning network is used by the National Weather Service. No other lightning warning system provider can make this statement. Learn More by reading our WeatherBug Schools Overview 

Program Features


  • WeatherBug provides schools administrators, principals, and athletic directors with peace of mind. 
  • Our proprietary technology is the most advanced lightning warning system available. 
  • WeatherBug helps support outdoor and athletic safety decisions by providing advanced warning of lightning and severe weather on mobile devices, computers and outdoor sirens.

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STRENGTHEN STEM INSTRUCTION: Boost STEM initiatives and provide students with WeatherBug Achieve, an enriching, interactive web and mobile experience using real-time data from your school’s own weather station.
  • Standards-aligned lessons and hands-on activities
  • Teacher training
  • Springboard for learning concepts and skills in: Math, Science, Technology, Geography   
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SHARE YOUR WEATHER DATA & SEE YOUR SCHOOL ON TV: Join the WeatherBug Schools Program and share your school’s weather with the community via mobile devices, computers and on TV via our exclusive broadcast partners in over 75 cities across the country. 

  • Local meteorologists feature WeatherBug Schools during on-air weather reports.
  • Great visibility and recognition for your school!
  • Be the weather source in your neighborhood and help keep your community safe.
  • Contribute valuable data to the National Weather Service: Your data can be used to issue alerts.

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