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Greenhouse Gas Observations


Earth Networks is deploying the first privately funded, large-scale, high density network of environmental instruments to precisely measure atmospheric C02, methane and other greenhouse gases. The network will provide key data to further the understanding of the science behind carbon emissions and environmental patterns. This information - more accurate and on a larger scale than ever before - is available to inform the research community, policy-makers and private industry with more precise environmental intelligence.

Integrated Earth Networks Real-Time Weather and GHG Measurements Create
Carbon Forecasts and Inverse Models Tracing Emissions Back to the Source

GHG Observation Site and Data Services

  • Site Planning and Consultation
  • Instrument Installation
  • Earth Networks Calibration System
  • Site Maintenance
  • Weather Station
  • Data Management Services
  • GHG Data Display on Network Portal
  • Custom Carbon Footprint Reports

Tracing the Source with Inverse Modeling

Advancements in Inverse Modeling have improved the ability to determine where the air has come from. A network with spatial and temporal density can calculate emissions or intakes of gases on a regional scale and show how they change over time.

Solutions Benefits

  • Key data to facilitate the understanding of GHGs in the atmosphere to advance climate science
  • Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) for use in developing strategies to reduce GHG emissions
  • MRV foundations at national, regional and local scales to support climate and GHG reduction policies and regulations
  • Support corporate programs for impact reporting on climate from activities that cause greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Audit data for emerging carbon trading programs
  • Education of the public on climate change and the role of GHGs

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