Our Solutions


We provide real-time weather visualization and alerting for utilities that must anticipate and forecast severe weather. Utilities can integrate live weather data into existing geospatial decision systems to create a common operating picture, or utilize an easy-to-use web-based application for live weather visualization and alerting.

Find out why major utilities turn to Earth Networks. Read our Overview: Utility Solutions from Earth Networks




Our Total Lightning Network sets a new standard with in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection. In-cloud lightning detection is crucial to improve lead times and safety. 

Our Outdoor Alerting Systemis designed to alert when lightning approaches a predetermined radius around your club.
StreamerRTSM: A web-based weather visualization and alerting application for monitoring storm cells, lightning and changing conditions by combining real-time data from neighborhood-level stations from more than 35,000 locations – including over 10,000 stations exclusive to Earth Networks.
Meteorological Support Services: Earth Networks’ professional meteorologists were available to officials by phone 24/7 to provide breaking updates on changing weather and forecasts for specific, local areas.
ENcast: Infusing localized, real-time weather information into numerical weather prediction improves the accuracy of short-term forecasts, as does utilizing the highest-resolution models and updating the forecast frequently with the latest observations. ENcast addresses the biggest numerical weather prediction challenges that inhibit increasing forecast accuracy and sets a new standard for accurate hourly weather forecasts from 0 to 15 days.