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Energy Trading & Utilities


Real-time energy traders know the importance of catching a demand shift before others see it coming. Understanding the magnitude of a weather change and its timing is your trading opportunity. Energy traders need immediate visibility into weather changes that will impact prices before demand changes are evident. Only live localized weather can provide the insight that today's energy trader needs to gain a competitive advantage. Earth Networks is the only source of live up to the minute data direct from our network of over 10,000 sensors.

Energy Traders can turn to Earth Networks for guidance in making tough weather calls. Our meteorologists provide analysis assistance for interpreting weather models and sorting through conflicting forecasts. Our meteorologists monitor power regions in real-time and provide insightful IM alerts delivered directly to live trading desks. The Earth Networks Energy Forecasting Team also provide custom daily consultative weather briefings to meet the needs of the entire energy trade floor.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Energy traders require simple, easy access to multiple views of real-time weather to improve decision-making and profit margins. By operating the world's largest weather network, Earth Networks is continuously delivering live, localized weather information to customers. The Earth Networks Energy Solutions product and services suite provides customized views of multiple layers live weather data with simple easy-to-use tools. 



StreamerRTSM: A web-based weather visualization and alerting application for monitoring storm cells, lightning and changing conditions by combining real-time data from neighborhood-level stations from more than 35,000 locations – including over 10,000 stations exclusive to Earth Networks.

Meteorological Support Services: Earth Networks’ professional meteorologists were available to officials by phone 24/7 to provide breaking updates on changing weather and forecasts for specific, local areas.

  ENcast: Infusing localized, real-time weather information into numerical weather prediction improves the accuracy of short-term forecasts, as does utilizing the highest-resolution models and updating the forecast frequently with the latest observations. ENcast addresses the biggest numerical weather prediction challenges that inhibit increasing forecast accuracy and sets a new standard for accurate hourly weather forecasts from 0 to 15 days.