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With WeatherBug Club Safety, your club receives precise, on-site real-time weather monitoring and the most advanced lightning and severe weather detection and notification available. WeatherBug Total Lightning is the first in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection solution commercially available. In-cloud lightning detection is crucial for characterizing severe storm precursors and improving lead times for cloud-to-ground lightning and other severe weather.

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Our Total Lightning Network sets a new standard with in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection. In-cloud lightning detection is crucial to improve lead times and safety

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Our Outdoor Alerting System is designed to alert when lightning approaches a predetermined radius around your club.                        

Case Study: Sirens Alert Golfers before Lightning Strikes 13th Green

StreamerRTSM: A web-based weather visualization and alerting application for monitoring storm cells, lightning and changing conditions. StreamerRT combines real-time data from thousands of neighborhood-level stations in the WeatherBug network. 

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Weather Stations: Rugged, durable weather stations track numerous weather variables and provide live weather data feeds into our network of over 10,000 stations, and back to the customer community.
High-definition Cameras: Monitor critical assets and enhance visibility of the community infrastructure during weather events or throughout day-to-day operations.