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Climate Adaptation


Climate Adaptation through Early Warning Systems

Earth Networks’ leap frog technology enables adaptation and disaster risk management for our changing climate.  Our sustainable and scalable weather and climate solutions provide advanced intelligence and early warning of extreme weather events crucial to building resilient communities and adaptive capacity in a proven and sustainable manner.

Climate Adaptation Solutions provide actionable intelligence from the ‘Sensor to the App’

Building Blocks for Climate Adaptation

StreamerRT visualization

PulseRad proxy radar

Multi-platform alerting

Through its technology and networks, Earth Networks enables agencies to quickly and efficiently establish critical infrastructure enabling early warnings for weather and climate intelligence that help protect lives while supporting food sustainability and industry initiatives.

Sustainable, Affordable Technology

Earth Networks works with national and sub-national governments creating public –private partnerships to enable societies with live, local intelligence to adapt to extreme weather effects resulting from climate change.

  • Enabling baseline infrastructure for capacity building
  • Complete end-to-end solutions
  • Complements existing systems
  • Established capabilities for intelligence
  • Mobile applications for fast alerting and web access
  • Sustainable business models

Extending Core Infrastructure to Support Economic Growth

Global weather- and climate-related events can have a significant impact on world ecosystems, particularly in weather sensitive industries.  Access to advanced weather information and warnings are a critical requirement for effectively operating numerous other industry infrastructures such as: 

  • Aviation
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Food Security

Earth Networks flexible information technology can be easily extended to industry applications creating a sustainable model supporting economic growth initiatives.



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