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Agri-business is heavily impacted by the weather. Crop yield, quality, protein content and many other factors can be dramatically affected. Daily operational decisions such as analyzing crop rotations and planting; timing field maintenance programs; planning effective crop spraying or deciding when to harvest, depend on having accurate and timely weather information available at your fingertips. Earth Networks agricultural weather solutions can empower you with the information you need to make the right decisions.

Integrating Weather Data into Decision-Making

Whether spraying, seeding or making countless other agronomic decisions, growers need the ability to integrate live weather intelligence into pest models, integrated pest management practices, yield/quality models, and precision farming practices. With weather stations in the fields, growers have access to 27 different measurements of local, real-time information including air temperatures, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and humidity. Earth Networks agricultural weather solutions can help maximize yield and minimize costs.

The Right Tools

Earth Networks agricultural weather solutions provide the tools needed to help improve crop yields, increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Only Earth Networks offers live, local weather data provided by the world's largest network of professional-grade weather stations.

Weather Station

At the heart of our program is the Earth Networks weather station, a suite of different components that track 27 different weather variables. Built to withstand all weather, the Weather Station is easily installed in the desired location and provides live weather data feeds into our network of over 10,000 stations, as well as back to the customer community.

Earth Networks agricultural stations are wireless and solar powered. The stations also feature full-service installation, continuous monitoring and maintenance.

Online Weather Center

The Online Weather Center is a weather data visualization dashboard that provides you with a comprehensive view of the data provided from the weather station, including:

  • Detailed forecast information
  • Navigable layered weather map
  • Streaming radar/satellite data
  • Historical data, graphs and tables

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