Taking the Pulse of the Planet® you can Know BeforeTM 

As a respected provider of precise and timely weather information and severe weather alerts for 20 years, Earth Networks - WeatherBug (formerly AWS Convergence Technologies) enables consumers and enterprises worldwide to Know Before™ with current conditions, forecasts, and severe weather alerts when minutes matter.

Weather & Climate Solutions

Through a broad portfolio of innovative enterprise solutions, Earth Networks supports organizations, businesses and governments impacted by weather.

Our networks and solutions observe the atmosphere in real-time and analyze vast amounts of data using sophisticated algorithms. We then deliver detailed weather information, pinpoint forecasts and critical alerts via mobile apps, enterprise software and integrated systems. When minutes matter, we make it possible to Know Before™ by providing essential and timely weather intelligence for decision making and safety.

The Largest Weather, Lightning & Climate Networks

WEATHER With more than 10,000 exclusive neighborhood-level sensors where people live and work, plus data from National Weather Service and the World Meteorological Organization, we deliver precise weather conditions, local forecasts and critical warnings when, where and how people need them most.

LIGHTNING We provide the fastest alerting to extreme weather via our Total Lightning Network™ – the most extensive and technologically advanced worldwide lightning sensor network that detects both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground strokes. In-cloud lightning is often a key indicator of severe weather, and Earth Networks - WeatherBug uses this data to generate advanced weather and alerts.

BOUNDARY LAYER   Earth Networks is establishing a network to continuously collect information at the planetary boundary layer for additional real-time atmospheric insight for wind and solar forecasting.

GREENHOUSE GAS Earth Networks is collaborating with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the world’s preeminent climate and environmental science institution, and other organizations to deploy an extensive network of sensors measuring carbon dioxide and methane to improve our understanding of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Equipped with atmospheric intelligence, companies, organizations, researchers and government agencies around the world can do the following: 

  • Establish new baseline measurement standards for atmospheric and environmental elements, such as greenhouse gases.
  • Strengthen the ability to make business decisions that have environmental dependencies.
  • Inform and educate the public about major weather trends. 

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